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How to clean a coffee stain like the pros

how to clean a coffee stain

We have all been there, you get all dressed up to start your day and put on your favourite shirt. As you are drinking a delicious and sacred cup of coffee to fuel your day, the cup tips and leaves a stain! But don’t worry. We got you covered! According to the American Cleaning Institute, here is how to clean a coffee stain like the pros.

Before you learn how to clean coffee stains, here is what you will need:
– A sponge
– Cold water
– Stain remover or liquid detergent
– Sodium hypochlorite bleach

The first step is to use a sponge and soak in cold water, make sure you soak it enough that is nicely cold. If you do not have a sponge, you can also soak the stain directly in cool water.

Once it is nice and soaked, pre-treat the stained area with a stain remover or liquid detergent. Make sure this is a liquid detergent that is safe for the material you are cleaning.

The final step is to fully launder the stained area using sodium hypochlorite bleach. Please make sure this is safe for the material or fabric. You do not want to damage the full piece of clothing!

If the stain remains, repeat the process once dry until the stain is fully removed.
how to clean a coffee stain


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